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Professional Video Production
Serving You Since 1982
  Video Treasures has been in business since 1982. We are located in Toronto Ontario. We deliver high quality  and effective programs at realistic prices. We pride ourselves on producing  the highest quality videos from concept to the last dub. 
WE OFFER (click below for details):
   Film and Slide Transfer to Video and DVD  |  Foreign video Tape Transfer | Tape Repairs

Duplication |   Editing  | Consulting

Film Transfer and  conversion to video,  DVD and MiniDV :   

We use High Quality electronic transfer equipment for:

  Foreign Tape Transfer and conversion to video:

Video Treasures uses the latest equipment in Toronto to transfer Video Tapes from and to all world formats:

Tape Repairs:

We repair tapes and film of all formats
   $20.00 each plus parts


We will make from 1 to 1000 copies of your Video or Audio in all formats:


please call us at 416-781-5527 or email to us.    


We will edit all video formats: VHS, S-VHS.


At Video Treasures we use our wide knowledge and experience in the field for the benefit of our clients with consultation and advice.

About Video Treasures

Video Treasures was established by its current president, Ari Weisberg in 1982 in Kingston, Ontario as an independent full service production house.

In 1978 Mr. Weisberg graduated on the Dean's List with a diploma in Television Production from Loyalist Community College for Applied Arts located in Belleville, Ontario.

For two years Mr. Weisberg was employed by CKWS-TV in Kingston in various TV production positions. The next ten years saw Mr. Weisberg in the position of Producer/Director at the Kingston community cable, Ch. 13. This position involved producing and directing in-house and remote shows to be aired on community channels, resulting in a number of award winning programs.

When leaving his position as Senior Producer/Director, Mr. Weisberg was the first independent video producer in this area.

Video Treasures has produced numerous productions in the areas of commercial, education, promotional and personal videos. Among its clients were:

We are located in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. You can contact us at 416-781-5527, or by email.


Ari Weisberg
By appointment:
      41 Warwick  Ave.
Toronto ON
M6C 1T7
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        Transfer Your Home Movies to Video. DVD or  miniDV

DVD Videos
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